Celebrating Easter but missing Jesus

As I look forward to celebrating Easter, I feel sad seeing people preoccupied with a holiday, the Easter bunny or eggs – chocolate or real, hot cross buns and religious rituals, but they miss Jesus.

Can Christians attend church, sing, pray, and listen to Easter sermons and also miss the real Jesus of the Bible?

On the last night before Jesus was crucified, the disciples celebrated Passover with Jesus, but they failed to connect with Him!


Jesus was distressed about His impending betrayal and agony, but they were focused on themselves and argued about who would be the greatest. Perhaps we have similar blind spots. Jesus was not into hoarding power, showing off and self-absorption. He interrupted their squabbling and redefined leadership and success.

In this world the kings and great men lord it over their people, … But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant. … For I am among you as one who serves

Luke 22

Consider ‘Connect, Contentment and Courage’ for this Easter

  1. Connect with the real Jesus of the Bible

This Easter, read significant portions of the gospels, not just a few verses quoted by the preacher. Ask Jesus to make Himself real to you. Overcome false portrayals of Jesus, including religious ones, and worship the real Jesus. Read the free chapter 4 from my book, “Transformed by the real Jesus“. 

2. Contentment and cap your lifestyle

    People who connect with the real Jesus make an amazing discovery. He quenches our thirst. As we experience contentment, we will be less into comparison, competition, and filling up our lives with the latest upgrade, pleasures and stuff. But the battle is constant and most helpful to do something radical.

    Instead of buying more and moving up, limit our lifestyle, or downsize and sell our extra possessions. For a month or longer, fast from shopping, resist buying non-essentials, and give to the poor locally and globally. Warren Buffett still lives in the same house he purchased in his native Nebraska in 1958!

    3. Courage

    Connecting with Jesus will give us the courage to reject worldly success, serve humbly and be Christ’s witnesses through our radically different lifestyles and words.

    Consider reading the book over Easter or using it for your Bible study group—check out redefiningsuccess.com.au for resources.

    Upcoming Events

    Omar is visiting Kenya from Saturday, 3 to Monday, 19 June and South Africa from Monday, 19 June, to Sunday, 25 June.

    • Preaching on Sundays in Nairobi and Pretoria.
    • Facilitating a workshop for Pastors and Leaders on Redefining Success as a Leader – according to Jesus in Nairobi, Athi River, Machakos, Kericho, Eldoret and Kisumu, Kenya and Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Durban, South Africa.
    • Hope to see some readers in person. 😊

    For more details:  redefiningsuccess.com.au/events/

    Redefining success over Easter with you,


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