Discerning God's Mission or Purpose: Making Decisions Wisely

Online Workshop facilitated by Dr Omar Djoeandy

author of Redefining Success according to Jesus

                                       Discover blind spots and barriers to our discerning and decision-making.                         Explore a process that seeks to be holistic, inter-dependent in community and help us exercise our God-given capacity to choose.

Join the 3-week Online workshop on

Saturday 4, 11, and 18 May, 8 to 9:30 AM Nairobi (EAT); 3 to 4:30 PM Sydney (AEST)

Nairobi 8 - 9:30 AM (EAT) Sydney 3 -4:30 PM (AEST)

Many sincere Christians struggle to discern how God has uniquely shaped them for His purpose and mission. They suffer doubt, anxiety, regret, FOMO, and lack of confidence. This workshop is helpful if you are exploring a career change, serving overseas, facing retirement or a significant transition, and feeling overwhelmed with too many options and fear of making the wrong choice.

Join us in applying a discerning process that seeks to be:

ü  Holistic (spiritual, rational, emotional and interpersonal)

ü  Biblical and resist taking verses out of context.

ü  Helpful to identify our blind spots.

ü  Empowering to exercise our God-given choices.

Watch Omar describe the course here.

For more information, email info@redefiningsuccess.com.au

Total cost for the 3 weeks

  • Australia and the West AU $99. Early bird up to 22 April – AU $79 
  • Africa, Asia US $35 Early bird up to 22 April – US $29
  • 50% discount for each ADDITIONAL person watching on the same device.
  • 50% discount to students, ministry persons, and anyone facing economic distress upon application.
Omar Djoeandy "Redefining Success"
Introducing Dr Omar Djoeandy

Omar’s career includes serving as a General Practitioner in Sydney and Nairobi, a church minister in Kenya, and National Director of SIM Australia for 15 years. Now, he is a SIM Missions Consultant, coach and speaker. In 2020 he published Redefining Success according to Jesus redefiningsuccess.com.au

Omar is ethnically Chinese, born in Indonesia and has been an Australian since 10. Omar met his wife Kay, an American, in Kenya. Kay is a counsellor, and they have three adult children.

Omar Djoeandy "Redefining Success"


1. What if I cannot attend all three sessions?

Participants are encouraged to attend all three sessions for maximum benefit. However, we accept that is not always possible.

Each session’s recording will be available within a few days, and we encourage you to watch as soon as possible and do the assignments.

2. What if my spouse, partner or friend wants to join us?

We value community and journeying together and believe major decisions are best made inter-dependently with others. So we are pleased to extend a 50% discount on the fee you paid per additional person.

3. What if I can join but need to be driving or be with other people?

Participants are encouraged to turn on their videos and be fully engaged for maximum benefit. But, if you must drive or be in a distracting setting, it would be better for you to participate still and gain as much as you can with your video off. Please turn off your video.

Do you have a group that helps you to redefine success according to Jesus?

Join Omar and readers from other cultures as we meet weekly for Online discussions to apply the book.


  • You suffer the ‘never enough syndrome’ – ‘my career, house, lifestyle … are not enough and I am not good enough’.
  • You are exhausted trying o keep up the image of success and feel more like a failure.
  • You want to be a success in the eyes of Jesus and enjoy contentment, find courage, and experience community.
  • You’ve read portions of the book but are struggling to experience life transformation.

Then, you are invited to:

  • Connect with the real Jesus, receive His help and be transformed by Jesus.
  • Progress from good intentions to action.
  • Experience mutual support and accountability.

You will be inspired and helped to:

  • Identify definitions of success that are harming you and your family.
  • Connect more deeply with the real Jesus of the Bible.
  • Place your security and identity in ‘Being God’s Children’.
  • Be Kingdom-focused in community.
  • Be motivated by love instead of guilt, shame or fear.



Email us on info@redefiningsuccess.org.au.

You can join as:

Individual or couple using one device – RRP AU $199.(1)

Group of three or more who will watch, discuss and pray together either in-person or in the same breakout room – RRP AU $499.(2)

You will receive a free Redefining Success according to Jesus e-Book for every member.

Los Angeles PDTLondon BSTNairobi EATJakarta
Perth AWSTBrisbane AESTSydney
Auckland NZST

If you are unsure what time the meeting will take place in your time zone, or if your time zone has daylight savings, please use https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html

Topics - 90 minutes per week:

To gain the most from the Redefining Success Challenge you need to invest:

  • A heart open to the real Jesus to inspire, convict, change and empower us.
  • Attend weekly meetings or watch the replay.
  • Time each week to read the relevant sections of the book, reflect and journal. Up to you to schedule short daily sessions, or fewer but longer sessions, etc.
    We suggest a minimum of 3 hours per week because life transformation is not a quick fix.
  • A 15-minute conversation on your application with at least one other person each week.

100% money-back guarantee(3)

Student and low to median income participants from countries listed 67 and above on Human Development Index(4) can apply for a further discount at info@redefiningsuccess.com.au

You can be part of a journey that will inspire, surprise, challenge and potentially transform you.

Looking forward to seeing you there,


(1) 50% Scholarship available to individuals or groups facing financial distress. Email info@redefiningsuccess.com.au to apply. We don’t want anyone to miss out!

(2) Group option 1: For a group that can meet in person using one device, no limit on the number of members in your group. During the challenge, you will discuss in pairs.

Group option 2: For people under lockdown and using multiple devices – a maximum of six devices per group.

(3) 100% money-back guarantee – If you have invested three hours per week in reading, reflection, prayer and application; attended a minimum of four sessions; and as an individual or half of your group are not satisfied with the progress, we will refund your payment in full.

(4) List of countries by Human Development Index – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Omar Djoeandy "Redefining Success"

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