Omar Djoeandy "Redefining Success"

Dr Omar Djoeandy

For decades I have been exploring what success means to people, from the slums of Nairobi to the elite world of being a medical doctor.

As a teenager, I was bullied and rejected as an outsider during the ‘White Australia’ era. At times in my life, both my father and child have thought of me as a failure. As a young doctor, I felt a relentless pressure to succeed.

Confronted with these internal struggles, I was drawn to discover a new identity, and source of security, in Jesus’ definition of success.

Through my work as a family doctor, church minister, CEO and entrepreneur based in Australia and Kenya, I’ve had the opportunity to visit and minister across 21 different countries. In every context I’ve visited I‘ve witnessed this world’s harmful definitions of success impacting the followers of Jesus. As I’ve learnt to connect with the real Jesus and his definition of success, I’ve discovered more of how his promises enrich my life and my relationships.

While I still face the ongoing struggle against defining success according to outward symbols, I have experienced the freedom, contentment and purpose which comes from redefining success according to Jesus.

I’d love to share some of the things I have learnt, and the resources I’ve developed, to encourage you in your journey with Jesus. My hope is that this book equips you to reflect on what authentic faith looks like in today’s world. And if this is something that you are passionate about, we’d love you to connect with our ongoing ministry. 

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Omar Djoeandy "Redefining Success"

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