Expect the Unexpected for 2023

Dear Friends, 

What slogan might tempt you to visit a country?

  • EI Salvador – The 45-minute Country
  • Qatar – Qurated for You
  • Russia – The Whole World Within Russia
  • Sierra Leone – Sieraously Surprising
  • Tajikistan – Fear the Friendship [i]

Maybe the last one alarmed you more than interested you?

How about the motto ‘Expect the Unexpected!’?
Papua New Guinea used this catchphrase some years back. I commend their honesty! Unlike many countries, PNG delivered on its brand promise!

Inspired by their honesty, I suggest a phrase for 2023 – Expect the Unexpected!
Some uninvited, unexpected challenges that we might face:

  • Personal – ill-health, loss, setbacks.
  • Family – transition, ageing parents, struggling children or grandchildren, conflicts.
  • National and global realities – Russia’s war against Ukraine, the rising cost of living, and natural disasters.
  • Ridicule, bullying, false accusation, or persecution for publicly declaring our devotion to Jesus Christ.

How will we respond?

First, be honest and acknowledge our challenging emotions, such as hurt, sadness, disappointment, anger, or shame.

Second, connect with the real Jesus of the Bible and ask for His help.

Third, a less common response is to thank God and see it as an opportunity to identify potential blind spots, such as harmful definitions of success or where our values are closer to middle-class values (MCV) than Jesus’ radical definition of success.

Fourth, redefine success according to Jesus.
Perhaps you realise worldly success’s subtle but powerful influence, despite your earnest desire to become like Jesus. We cannot redefine success according to Jesus on our own.

Could you study and apply the book with others?
To encourage this, we offer significant discounts for purchases of four or more copies, and you also save on shipping.
Discounts for bulk orders in Australia:

  • 5-9 copies      =  25% discount plus an extra book free
  • 10-22 copies  =  30% discount plus two extra books free
  • Buy a box of 27 books and only pay $297 ($11 per copy)

Now available in Bahasa Indonesia

Sukses Menurut Yesus (Success According to Jesus), the Indonesian version of RDSAJ, was released by Andi Publisher just before Christmas. Praise God for the dedicated and excellent work of the translators – Tri Budiardjo and Johanes Manuain; Christina Lebe, and test-readers. Over 100 copies sold.
To order, contact Lia on WhatsApp at +6281310806570

Launch Webinar in Indonesian on Monday, 20th Feb

Join us if you speak Bahasa.

Redefining success with you,


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