Closing 2021 And 2022 Resolutions

Dear Friends, 

What might hinder you from saying goodbye to 2021 and moving on?

When reading a book, we turn the page and move on upon finishing a chapter. But in life, sometimes we get stuck or keep going back to unhelpful past chapters.

There may be many reasons we get stuck, such as unfinished grief, a spiritual or emotional crisis, regrets, guilt, shame, condemnation, lies and failures. Let’s tackle what keeps us from moving forward and address those issues rather than stay in a stuck place.

The past two years have been bumpy and dashed many aspirations. We can learn from our past but we cannot undo our past. Let’s also resist wasting time reliving the past and dwelling on the ‘what ifs’, ‘should haves’ and ‘could haves’.

Learning from our past and driving forward

When driving, we occasionally glance at the rear vision mirror, but we mostly look forward. The apostle Paul had many regrets because he persecuted the church. But he repented and received God’s grace, forgiveness and cleansing. He kept remembering God’s rescue and moved on, focusing on God and His calling:

Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on
to reach the end of the race …
Philippians 3:13 NLT

Ask for God’s help to gain wisdom and perspective from our past and press on. Even our so-called failures can help us to redefine success according to Jesus.

Our New Year gift to you

COVID lockdown cancelled many speaking and book sale events I had planned. But praise God, and with the support, prayers and help from many, I progressed in diversifying and contextualising the message of Redefining Success according to Jesus (RDSAJ) through in-person and online workshops:

  • Thriving in Adversity by Redefining Success and Failure
  • Redefining Success in Ministry – for pastors, missionaries and Christian leaders
  • Redefining Success as a Church – for church leaders
  • Discerning God’s Mission for You – for people exploring overseas service or facing transition, e.g. career, retirement.

You can access the notes, PPT and video recordings of the above workshops for free here
Feel free to forward the link to anyone else, but please do not post it online.

Redefining Success according to Jesus 35 minute message:
Summary of broadcasting RDSAJ in 2021
  • 3000 PDF copies were distributed freely to missionaries, church ministers and leaders in 70 countries. Let us know if you want a free PDF for your missionary friend or church minister.
  • 850 paperback and 60 eBooks sold.
  • AU$ 2000 to gospel ministry and charities.
  • Online or in-person presentations to 1100 people.

RDSAJ in 2022
  • Karura Church in Nairobi February-March 2022

8-week spiritual emphasis campaign on RDSAJ for Sunday school, youth, young adults and Bible study groups. Printing 1000 copies for them and another 1000 copies for sale in Kenya.

  • Indonesian translation – target July 2022

Indonesia’s population is 270 million people; Christian adherents 12% (30 million); Evangelicals 3% (8 million) and growing Indonesia | Joshua Project
It would be delightful to escape a bit of Australian winter and visit Indonesia for the launch in August.

  • Chinese translation – target mid-2023

What makes a successful 2022?

Our greatest fear should not be of failure,
but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.

– D. L. Moody, an American 19th-century Christian influencer

Let’s avoid the mistake of the wealthy fool described by Jesus in Luke 12:13-22. He was a success in his own eyes and worldly terms, but God assessed him and said, ‘You fool! You will die this very night. Then who will get everything you worked for?’

Perhaps you have struggled to resist harmful worldly success and self-absorption. On your own, it is nearly impossible.

Join and invite others to the 7-week online course
Apply RDSAJ with others soon, at the affordable cost of AU$ 99 (individual early bird discount till 31 January). Scholarships for anyone in financial distress – email

Offered twice to accommodate as many time zones as possible:

Thursdays, 17th Feb to 31st March 7 PM AEDT-Sydney time, OR
Fridays, 18th Feb to 1st April 11 AM AEDT-Sydney time

More info on

Books available on Redefining Success according to Jesus Paperback

Outside of Australia and NZ Redefining Success According to Jesus – Ark House (
Please note these outlets set their own price and shipping.

A Prayer for 2022

Lord Jesus,
I want 2022 to be more about You than about me.
Open my eyes so that You will outshine the glitter of this world.
Help me to focus on Your Kingdom
and to be a channel of Your blessings.
May my life be an offering of worship to You,
and a gift of Your presence to people around me.
For Your honour and glory,

Journeying with you,


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