From Good Intentions to Life Transformation

Dear friends,

Spring in the Northern Hemisphere means greener landscapes, plants blooming and longer sunny days. While it is the opposite for us in the South, we recently celebrated Resurrection Sunday. Spring, and more significantly, Easter, is a time conducive to gaining a fresh perspective and new beginnings. A good time to reflect on the trajectory of our life.

  • Am I on track to get where I want to go?
  • If I continue on my current path or climb my ‘ladder of success’, where will I be in three or five years?
  • What will I become? Will I be more secure in my identity? Will I be more loving and generous?

For we who have adopted following Jesus as our supreme life goal, additional vital questions include:

  • How can I know and experience Jesus more?
  • How can I grow to be more like Jesus and glorify Him?
  • What will it take to be a success in His eyes?

Redefining Success according to Jesus can help us gain perspective and follow Jesus more closely, perhaps in unexpected ways. It can help us progress from theory and good intentions to life transformation.

I thought I was reasonably secure in my identity as God’s child until I was invited to a party. From my book, page 120:

When I worked as a church minister in Kenya, one of the church members, a highly successful businesswoman, invited me to a party. On the day of the party, I discovered the other invitees included ambassadors, politicians, CEOs, highly successful entrepreneurs and millionaires. Parking my Toyota Corolla on the street, I walked past a long line of Mercedes, BMWs and other stylish cars, some with chauffers. Anxiety, feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt attacked, ‘What am I doing at this party? I don’t belong in this elite gathering.’I was tempted to go back to my car and go home.

If you were in my place, how might you have felt? What would you do?

Suddenly, a thought or a strong impression came to mind, accompanied by a warm sensation. Such a phenomenon is hard to explain. Though I did not hear an audible voice, I knew it was the Lord Jesus speaking to me. He asked,

‘Who are you, Omar?’

I thought, ‘A church minister?’

Jesus repeated, ‘Who are you?’

I paused and thought more deeply and began to realise what Jesus wanted me to see.

Yes, I was an ex-medical doctor or church minister, yet far more, I was a servant and ambassador of the King of kings and Lord of lords. I represent a higher power than the ambassadors of nations! Even better, I am a child of God. I belong in any gathering because I do not represent myself but the highest authority, the Creator God. We are servants and ambassadors of the Lord of lords and children of God. Let’s live that way.

Where might you be tempted to stay in the comfort zone of theory?

We face two additional challenges in following Jesus – distractions and individualism.

We probably know of someone who says, ‘I’ll get serious about following Jesus, …’ but then gets caught up in the day-to-day and never makes progress. Perhaps you are honest enough to admit that someone is you?

I invite you to join me for an online 7-week Challenge to apply Redefining Success according to Jesus every Thursday from 27th May to 8th July, 7.30 to 8.45 PM Sydney – AEST. 

The Challenge will inspire and show you how to:

  • Identify the definitions of success that are harming you and your family, and your blind spots
  • Connect more deeply with the real Jesus
  • Place your security and identity in ‘Being God’s Children’
  • Be Kingdom-focused in more aspects of your life
  • Give generously as a channel instead of the source
  • Be motivated by love instead of guilt, shame or fear
  • Practice being in a community more than individualism.

What you need to invest:

  • A heart open to the real Jesus to inspire, convict, change and empower us
  • Attend weekly meetings or watch the replay if you miss the live session
  • Schedule time each week to read the relevant sections of the book, reflect and journal. Also to have a 20-minute conversation on your application with at least one other person. It is up to you to schedule short daily sessions, fewer but longer sessions, etc. We suggest a minimum of 3 hours per week because life transformation is not a quick fix.

It’s time to step out of our comfort zone and turn those good intentions into action, habits and life transformation.

Try not to do it alone. Invite your friends to join you. This kind of learning and progress are best accomplished in collaboration for mutual support and accountability to break through distractions, resistance and excuses.

To be transparent, this will be the first time we are offering the course. We have worked hard to develop quality content and are excited to share it with you.

You can watch alone – RRP AU $99 and first cohort discount down to AU $59* per person.

If you sign up as a group who will watch, discuss and pray together – RRP AU $249 and first cohort discount down to AU $150* per group.
For people meeting in person using one device, no limit on the number of members in the group.
For people under lockdown and using multiple devices who will join the same Zoom breakout group, a maximum of six people.

A bargain for inspirational, challenging and counter-culture discipleship that has the potential to transform your life and ripple to bless people around you.

100% money-back guarantee**

You will receive a PDF of the book and a workbook.

Exchange dissatisfaction, discontentment, anxiety, fear, isolation and the ‘never enough syndrome’ for contentment, courage, purpose, joy and community by joining me in the Redefining Success according to Jesus Challenge.

Check out new videos and posts on

Finally, we extend Easter special prices of AU $13 for paperback and AU $5 for eBook to 30th April 2021.

Ready to serve you,


*We appreciate that the pandemic and other challenges have caused financial distress for some people. Email to apply for a scholarship from Redefining Success Ministry. We don’t want anyone to miss out!
**100% money-back guarantee – If you have invested 3 hours per week in reading, reflection, prayer and application; attended a minimum of 4 sessions; and as an individual or half of your group are not satisfied with their progress, we will refund your payment in full.

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