Thriving Through Adversity

This exceptional photo titled Hardship of Life by Mehmet Aslan won the Siena International Photo of the year award.(1)

Munzir, the father, lost his right leg when a bomb was dropped at a market during the war in Syria. His son, Mustafa, was born without lower or upper limbs due to a congenital disorder caused by the medications his mother, Zeynep, had to take after being sickened by nerve gas.

I found the photo confronting. At first, I felt shocked, sad and helpless for them, especially for the little boy. But then, I was struck by Mustafa’s smile and the exchange of delight between them. In their tragedy, both are experiencing profound joy and intimacy.

You and I may not experience the devastation they suffered. Comparisons are unnecessary and unhelpful. Better to ask questions:

If I were to suffer such a severe tragedy, would my faith survive?
Would it rob me of joy in Jesus?
Would I become bitter or better; disillusioned or hopeful?
Are there ways I can strengthen my foundations and perspective to thrive through adversity?

I don’t know how Munzir survived.
We do know how the Apostle Paul thrived through adversity.
He reframed and redefined failure, hardships, suffering and success.
He received grace and power from the real Jesus of the Bible.
Imitate Paul and we can thrive through any adversity. See 2 Corinthians 12:7-10.

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(1) Mehmet Aslan, “Photo of the year,” Siena International Photo Awards 2021 (accessed November 3, 2021).
(2) Offer valid through 30 November 2021.

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